Bolivia Adventure Weddings

Bolivia is one of the most undeveloped and unknown areas I think to North Americans, so we should get out there and explore it!  It’s a sweet little country that edges: Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay.


…and I’m going to guess you barely know anyone who has traveled there let alone held their fabulous destination wedding in Bolivia, right?!


  • Astonishing Salt Flats.
  • Dramatic rock formations.
  • Rainforest
  • Capricious Cactus’s
  • Seeing flamingo’s and llamas in their natural habitat!
  • Andes Mountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Toro Toro National Park (caves and canyons)
  • Sajama National Park (hot springs + geysers)
  • Interesting history and architecture.


We’d love to craft  an offbeat adventure wedding for you in Bolivia!  Please contact us for more information!

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