Baltic States

Adventure Weddings in the Baltic

Estonia!  Latvia!  Lithuania!  Did you know that there is an amazingly pure and untouched area of Europe called the Baltic Countries (also referred to as the Baltic States)?


These 3 are gorgeous hidden gems of states tucked within the beautiful Baltic Sea.  Latvia should be on your adventure wedding list, because it is full of rich culture, eco-friendly, one of the world’s greenest countries, has an endless list of romantic adventures for couples, beautiful pristine beaches, it’s also a country filled with art, wooden architecture, castles and manor houses!


…and it is beside the Baltic Sea!  Have you ever been to the Baltic Sea before?  It’s seriously one of the dreamiest seas on the planet!


We would love to design unique full day journey for you to experience on your Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania destination adventure wedding, please contact us to get that awesome conversation started!

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