Nordic Wedding in Iceland | Christophe + Mary

Iceland Weddings always hold a special place in my heart.  It’s not just because I call this amazing place home either!  The land offers an incredible amount of variety in options for an adventure wedding.  Our Iceland wedding clients can easily visit 4-12 different locations in one day and all of those locations be extremely unique.  Imagine yourselves exploring (non-touristy) waterfalls, secret caves, amazing cliff lines, epic canyons, and private sides of glaciers!

Today I’m excited to share with you the Iceland wedding of Christophe and Mary.  They hail from NYC but brought over 100 guests from all over the world to participate in their unforgettable adventure wedding in Iceland.  So come along with us today as you experience their destination wedding adventure in Iceland!


What unique Iceland Wedding Invitations!


Oh la la and this Iceland wedding welcome bags Christophe and Mary gave their guests!!


…and Mary’s couture Iceland wedding dress!







You need super jeeps to get to our uniquely private Iceland wedding locations!

















Christophe and Mary brought over 100 guests from around the world to witness their Iceland wedding day!



















































Christophe and Mary ended their adventure wedding day in Iceland privately with just the two of them exploring a very secret canyon!



The best kind of footwear for an adventure wedding in Iceland!  Boots and Suits!















A traditional Iceland wedding cake for a late night snack!








Thanks for exploring Christophe and Mary’s unforgettable adventure wedding in Iceland with us today!  Make sure you check out their awesome Iceland wedding video too below!

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Adventure Wedding Location Faroe Islands: Hotel Føroyar

Are you a couple who thrives on adventure and is looking to get married in a destination wedding location that encompasses magic, mystery, light, energy and nature based explorations you’ve never ever encountered before?  Please allow me the pleasure of introducing you to the captivating and unforgettable:

Faroe Islands

Are you racking your brain right now trying to figure out where are the Faroe Islands?  They are owned by Denmark (just as Greenland is) and are a hypnotizing set of islands in-between Iceland, Norway, and the U.K.  Inside these magical 18 islands you will lose yourself and find yourself over and over again.  …and the almost unbelievable part is when you leave the islands, you’ll be overcome with an unyielding amount of inspiration, focus, and view of nature that you didn’t know was possible.  You’ll almost believe Faroe Islands = Narnia!

You giggle, but I’m serious!  What other place has more grass covered houses than anywhere in the world, more sheep than people, horses playing in magical looking areas (see below), jagged cliff edges that will get your heart pumping, hikes that are self-finding, a serenity that you thought only exists in your mind, and a place that still offers a deep and rich culture that mixes the best of the best Nordic worlds of Denmark and Iceland?!  Nowhere, Natta, No place but the magnificent Faroe Islands, I tell you!  …and you all know I’ve traveled the world seeking the world’s best Adventure Wedding spots!

Within the mainland island just a 5 minute drive from the sparkling seaside city of Torshavn, sits on a hillside overlooking the city, the perfect Faroe Islands wedding location: Hotel Føroyar.  Back in September I was lucky enough to call this amazing hotel my home base for several nights as I location scouted both on land and on sea for epic Faroe Island wedding locations!  From the moment I arrived, I smiled.  It was very late and pitch dark but I was able to see the lights shinning from the city below and when I opened my hotel room window I found that the hotel was built right into the hill it was perched upon!  The next morning, I may or may not have climbed out my window and did somersaults down it 😉

So, are you wondering why I personally loved Hotel Føroyar?  The connection I felt to nature was outrageously awesome.  Walking towards the entrance to the hotel, you see the entire roof of the hotel is grass covered and then you follow your way to the reception desk and the colors, tones, and textures all feel earthy but with an underling accent of luxury.  I was given my keys and told to walk down the hallway where there are rocks from the land incorporated right into the walls you pass to your room.  It was brilliant, really freaking brilliant!

…and then you ask me the real question: Why would I choose Hotel Føroyar to hold my Faroe Island destination wedding?  I would playfully ask the question back to you as, “Why the heck wouldn’t you? It’s the best the Faroe Islands has to offer, hands down.” #TrueStory

There are 106 panoramic view rooms overlooking the amazing city below.  The room list follows below:

  • Clinton Suite
  • Prime Ministers Suite
  • (2) Wedding Suites –I toured and loved!
  • (98) Double rooms –I stayed in one and it was light, bright, and beautiful.
  • (2) Family rooms
  • (2) Combined family/handicap rooms

All of the rooms are well equipped and even more so, I think by American standards and offers the following in-room amenities:

  • Fast Wifi
  • Private bathroom with shower/bathtub
  • Full size hairdryer
  • Vanity Pack (hair tie, cotton balls/pads, nail files, earplugs, and q-tips)
  • Minibar
  • Telephone
  • Clock Radio
  • Work Station
  • Iron/Ironing board
  • Digital TV (10 channels) / Satellite TV
  • Coffee and tea facilities
  • Wake Up Call
  • Free Parking
  • Additional Costing Services are available as well such as the following: Room Service, Car Hire, Laundry Service, Horseback Riding, and Excursions.

Another reason why you should consider Hotel Føroyar is because they have lavish conference rooms that can perfectly accommodate your Faroe Island wedding reception from a whimsical Faroese elopement to a 300+ guest list.  There are 3 standout locations within Hotel Føroyar that I was totally struck by… First, the VIP top floor houses a hall that can capably host your 340 guest Faroe Islands wedding reception.  Second, there is a wine cellar that would be perfect for your intimate elopement for two or exclusive party of 10 that has a deep romantic vibe embedded in it.  Third, there is the CUTEST little grass covered trailer that can fit your fabulous party of 2-8 people in it and it can be towed to some of the really amazing spots we have scouted throughout the island!  Talk about service and options, right?  So I’m here right now, picturing you, your soon-to-be, and your closest friends/family indulging in exquisite cuisine… Seaside, Cliff-side, in View of an Amazing Natural Wonder, or set within one of their super cute magical towns.  Are you in?!

The final reason why Hotel Føroyar is rounding out my Top 5 Adventure Wedding Hotel List for 2015 is the caliber of the food and the euphoria it left me in.  Never have I ever had such an intense, beautiful, and creative tasting experience than at Hotel Føroyar’s world renowned (and awarded) restaurant: KOKS.  For 3 hours and 21 courses, I put things in my mouth I never thought I would and each dish made me even more excited in taste and presentation.  For my lovely high-end foodies out there that are all about the adventurous experience during the day and the evening being about food and conversation… THIS IS THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION WEDDING EXPERIENCE.  The dishes were delicate, intriguing, and came with amazing drink pairings that amplified the experience (as if that was possible).  Each course was introduced by a restaurant staff member who was well-versed on the local/cultural ingredients and also a skilled sommelier. The menu I had follows below (don’t drool too much!):

  1. Oda (Horse Mussels)
  2. Igulker (Sea Urchins)
  3. Toskur (Cod)
  4. Jakupskel (Scallops)
  5. Skerpikjot (Whale)
  6. Reydrotur (Beetroot)
  7. Garnatalg
  8. Rabarbur (Rhubarb)
  9. Toskur Og Urtir (Cod and Herbs)
  10. Skota Og Sanddunnuber (Skate and Sea Sandwort)
  11. Makrelur Og Mairotur (Mackerel and Turnips)
  12. Hummari (Langoustine)
  13. Skinka Og Ostur (Ham and Cheese)
  14. Breyd Og Raest Kjot (Bread and Lamb)
  15. Sitronjarnurt Og Timian (Lemon Verbena and Thyme)
  16. Sula Og Skardssyrusmaera (Gannet and Wood Sorrel)
  17. Lamb Og Tari (Lamb and Seaweed)
  18. Hvonn Og Jogurt (Angelica and Yoghurt)
  19. Rabarbur Og Hvonn (Rhubarb and Angelica)
  20. Godarad
  21. Kvarkkoka (Cheese Cake)

Drink pairings were out of this world and follow below:

  1. Cote 2000, Maison Bereche (Champagne, France)
  2. Riesling Cuvee Theo 2013, Domaine Weinbach (Alsace, France)
  3. Sancerre “Akmenine” 2011, Sebastien Riffault (Loire, France)
  4. “La Mailloche” 2012, Andrew Tissot (Jura, Portugal)
  5. Rinkusteinur, Okkara (Local Faroe Islands Beer)
  6. Marquis de Terme 2009 (Margaux, Bordeaux, France)
  7. Riesling Mandelgarten Spatlese 2013, Weingut Muller-Catoir (Pfalz, Germany)

To say that having your destination wedding in the Faroe Islands would be magical, would be an understatement.  Simply put, it would be an off the charts fairy-tale!  Mark my words folks, the Faroe Islands is just like Iceland was before the HUGE tourism boom… Pure, untouched, majestic, and no matter where you go you can escape people even in the frequented areas.  We would love to help you plan an incredible unforgettable adventure wedding in the Faroe Islands using Hotel Føroyar as your home base!  Please contact us for more information!

With a smile, Ann Peters + Team (Adventure Wedding Planners + Photographers)

Hotel Føroyar Contact Information:

  • Address: Oyggjarvegur 45 ; 100 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.
  • Phone: Tel +298 31 75 00
  • Website:
  • GPS Cords: 62.0128859 / -6.8013864

2015, Photos by Miss Ann / Your Adventure Wedding, All Rights Reserved

Best City Hotel in Tallin Estonia: Nordic Hotel Forum

When a bustling city, a wedding, and adventure collide, where do you end up?  In our adventure wedding world that answer is simple:

Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallin, Estonia.

I’m so excited today, to introduce you to not only a gorgeous country in the Baltic States that is filled with heart-warming history, art, stunning villas, parks, delicious food, and endless activities for my thrill seekers, but a hotel that is near it all.  The Nordic Hotel Forum offers you luxury within walking distance of the Old Town Tallin and is minutes away from everything else!

I arrived at the hotel totally tired from driving in several hours from Latvia and as soon as I walked in my mood changed as the staff greeted me.  The super professional team took my bags from my hands, checked me in quickly and wished me a wonderful day.  I suddenly found my second wind!  Luckily too because I was minutes away from eating out of my mini bar or ordering room service when I was reminded about their FABULOUS 5 star restaurant on site: Restaurant Monaco!

The meal I had in this fabulous hotel and restaurant, was one of the most delicious, surprising, and inspiring I have ever had.  Not kidding folks… and I eat out a lot!  The chef is genius and the space is gorgeous!  Which proves to be the best combination for having a destination wedding in Estonia, am I right?  You want your guests to walk away from their meal saying, “Oh my, that was the BEST meal I have ever had!”

I began with the astonishing “signature drink” of the hotel and it was calm, cool, and refreshing!  I delighted in a delicious 4 course meal that evening that brought in some traditional elements like duck/deer but brought it up 100 notches by taste and presentation (as you’ll see from my photos below)! …and I might have had the most amazing thing I have ever put in my mouth for dessert.  Nothing like I have ever had before, it blew my mind as it exploded (literally and figuratively) in my mouth!

So why is this marvelous location ideal for your Nordic/Baltic Adventure Wedding?  Countless reasons really but a few of my favorite highlights follow below:

  • We already know that check box #1 is marked with having: The Most Remarkable. Food Ever.
  • 267 luxurious new modern rooms await you and all you love.
  • One of the Newest and most elegantly Modern Designed hotels in Estonia.
  • Sinine Salong Spa is right next to the hotel (you will not have to go far for your hair and makeup on your Estonia wedding day)!
  • Premium Linens and Toiletries (and of course a full size hair dryer!).
  • Free Wifi.
  • Breakfast is included each morning.
  • Fabulous Mini Bar.
  • Can easily accommodate any handicap guest concerns and needs flawlessly.
  • The hotel is already a proven “go to” location for local clients as well international for special events… Your Estonian Destination Adventure Wedding will have the highest attention to detail!
  • They have 6 private rooms that can accommodate any event size flawlessly (Fun Fact: They are named after stars in the Northern sky and can house the following group sizes for weddings in each: Sirius – 250 guests, Capella – 150 guests, Arcturus – 80 guests, Vega – 40 guests, Altair – 25 guests and Miitsar – 10 guests).
  • Seasoned professional staff who go above and beyond.
  • A very Nordic / Estonian vibe is throughout the hotel with clean lines, local artist decor, and followed into the luxury rooms.
  • Eco-Friendly Hotel from the floors to the ceiling!
  • Room Service at your beckon call.
  • 24-7 Business Center (we all know work doesn’t stop even on a wedding weekend)!
  • The Monaco Restaurant, enough said.
  • Swanky Lobby Bar
  • Hot Tub, Sauna, Bar, Gym and lounge area on the top floor that overlooks the grand city of Tallin, Estonia. Check out their Leisure Room here.
  • Nordic Hotel Forum is 10 minutes from the Tallin Airport.

It is no understatement to say that the happiest hotel in Tallin, Estonia is the Nordic Hotel Forum.  The vibe throughout the hotel and the attention to detail the staff has is the best I’ve seen in a city hotel.  The best thing is too is that the concierge on staff can direct you to anything your heart desires whether it be museums, art, historical villas, the beautiful national parks in the area, or lead you to more limit pushing escapades for your daily activities.  For my lovely adventure seekers, there are many many things within the area that will get your heart thumping!  Activities like the Tallin Balloon, Tallinn TV Tower, the Sailing vessel “Kajsamoor,” and the Tallinn Creative Hub!

You better come back next week as we head to our next location on our Top 5 Adventure Wedding Hotel List for 2015… It’s in one of the most majestic and mysterious places on the planet for you nature lovers out there!  If you missed out previous posts on this year’s list, please go back Vihula,Ammende, and Baltic Beach to enlighten yourself on them.

With a smile, Ann Peters (Adventure Wedding Planner + Photographer)

Nordic Hotel Forum Contact Information:

2015, Photos by Miss Ann / Your Adventure Wedding, All Rights Reserved